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ORGDRIVE is a programmable digital system for pipe organs.

The union between the experience in the electronic field of the firm ELTEC automazioni and the experience of many organ builders, brought to the birth of a simple, flexible and reliable product suitable for the organ needs.


The progress of technology and electronics, the always bigger needs of organ builders and organist, the opening of our firm to the Italian and foreign market (France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Switzerland) and to the spurs that derive from it, the rising passion for pipe organ are factors that brought and bring now the ORGDRIVE system to undergo several review, development and improvements. This evolution has always kept unchanged the basic philosophy of the system and the hardware compatibility.

The system in use today is ORGDRIVE CP25.

This system integrates, in only one product, the two previous system versions: ORGDRIVE 16 and ORGDRIVE CP. Therefore ORGDRIVE CP25 allows to handle both the traditional on-off systems and the proportional systems.

Since 2000 ELTEC has developed a new transmission system, that is added to the traditional on-off system: the PROPORTIONAL.TRANSMISSION.


To understand the philosophy of ORGDRIVE system first of all it is important to do a clear distinction between the two essential parts of the system: HARDWARE and SOFTWARE.

  • HARDWARE: The whole MODULES that make up the system:
    - Base module
    - Input module
    - Output module
    - Proportional output module
    - Static keyboard with hall sensors module
  • SOFTWARE: CONFIGURATION PROGRAMME by which all the organ functions are activated, making, for each plan, an APPLICATION PROGRAMME.
The HARDWARE is entirely produced, assembled and tested by our firm.
The SOFTWARE, that is also produced by our firm, is directly supplied to the organ builder that can carry out the programming of the systems (hardware) by himself with the creation of an APPLICATION PROGRAMME.

We can say that ORGDRIVE system is a INTEGRATED system: with the use of ONLY ONE HARDWARE, opportunely programmed, it is possible to handle ALL the functions of the organ, the most simple and also the most complex ones.


This new philosophy, introduced for the first time in the sector and adopted in a positive way by many organ builders, has turned out to be successful because it gives the possibility to organ builder to organize one’s application completely, with one’s own times and one’s own needs, without the necessity to transfer any specifications of the plan of the organ to our firm.
It is enough to define and order the appropriate base module, with a number of input and output modules corresponding to one’s own needs.

In short, the organ builder can:

  • Make the estimate of the system by himself (counting the number of input and output).
  • Order the hardware that is needed.
  • Make the application programme, activing all the available functions at pleasure.
  • Modify the plan removing or adding input, output and functions at pleasure without turning to ELTEC technicians for intervention.

In any case ELTEC firm can also:

  • To provide technical assistance in the programming of the system (training on the use of the configuration programme, practical advice, checking of the application programmes created by the Customer)
  • To provide already programmed systems, ready to be connected in console and in organ. In this case the organ builder has to give our firm all the detailed technical data of the project of the organ.


In short, the four basic characteristics of the ORGDRIVE system are:

The programming of the system takes place by means of a PC and the ORGDRIVE configuration software.
Through this software, that is provided with the system, free, ELTEC offers the total PROGRAMMABILITY OF THE WHOLE PLAN OF THE ORGAN.

The system is made up with the assembly of some standard modules (base module, input module, output module, static keyboard with hall sensors module, etc). In case of enlargement, it is enough to add the number of modules that it needs. Each part of the system is completely extractible.
All the modules are identified by a code and a revision reported on the module “INTERNAL ORDER” enclosed to the installation manual of the system. Each card produced has the number of the production lot for the identification and the traceability.

Hardware plan executed with the same standard used for industrial systems.
Use of first-rate components.
Electromagnetic compatibility test for CE certification carried out in specialized workshops.
The system is produced according to criterion and practices ISO 9000.

During the phase of installation and starting of the system the organ builder is completely self-sufficient, without to turn to ELTEC technicians for intervention.
The system is equipped with some signalling very useful to verify the correct working or in search of possible anomalies.


“ORGDRIVE CP25 CONFIGURATION PROGRAMME allows to activate, in a simple and intuitive way, all the available organ functions.
It is provided free to the organ builder in the moment of the purchase of the ORGDRIVE system.

The software must be installed on a Personal Computer (WINDOWS 98, XP, VISTA operating system) with RS232 serial port.§
In case the PC has not the RS232 serial port, it is possible to use a USB-SERIAL converter.

With the configuration programme an application programme will be created for each plan. Through the serial line and a special cable this programme will be transfer in the memory of the CPU of ORGDRIVE units.


  • Configuration multicable, monocable, multimaster or multislave
  • On-off transmission, proportional transmission
  • Fixed structure, Variable structure
  • Number of selectors for variable structure
  • Input order, Output order
  • Stops names, keyboards names, Pipe groups output name
  • Number of on/off keyboards
  • Number of analog keyboards (Hall sensors)
  • Offset key (with analog keyboards)
  • Attack point, Release point (with analog keyboards)
  • Fixed attack/release point, Variable attack/release point (with analog keyboards)
  • Keyboards exchange
  • Soprano, Bass
  • Pedal division
  • Number of stops
  • Stops control: Latching switch, Momentary switch, Double action electric + mechanical
  • Number of stops outputs
  • Auxiliary function static mode, Auxiliary function dynamic mode
  • Number of pipe groups, Number of their outputs
  • On-off pipe groups, Proportional pipe groups
  • Combination among Keyboards, stops and pipe groups (in a graphic way)
  • Coupler Lines (automatic programming of unions and couplers)
  • Fixed combinations
  • Crescendo
  • Crescendo activation
  • Automatic pedal
  • Transposer
  • Tuttis
  • Exclusive tuttis
  • Ventils, Recalls
  • Unison ventil
  • Sustain (add mode)
  • Sustain (replaced mode)
  • Control of the opening of the proportional magnet (with proportional system)
  • Deactivation of the proportional transmission (with proportional system)
  • Activation of the transmission radio-cable
  • General captures
  • Number of pistons (for general captures)
  • Number of levels (for general captures)
  • Number of password (only with DG25)
  • Standard memory, Extended memory
  • Insert/Delete combinations
  • Divisional captures
  • Number of pistons (for divisional captures)
  • Number of pistons groups (for divisional captures)
  • Capture control standard, capture control for level
  • Lasting time magnet on
  • Stored command
  • Reversers
  • Expressions box
  • Parallel between expressions, parallel between slider
  • Stops adapter (multi master configuration)
  • Printing of the whole plan (input/output, connection, sticky labels, etc.)
  • Serial line RS232 for data transmission
  • Selection of the language (Italian, English, French)

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